The Fisheries and Marine Ecosystem Model Intercomparison Project (Fish-MIP)

We answer questions about the future of:

  • Fish & Fisheries

  • Seafood supply

  • Marine biodiversity

  • Marine ecosystem functioning

Our goal

is to bring together disparate marine ecosystem models to help better understand and project the long-term impacts of climate change on fisheries and marine ecosystems, and to use our findings to help inform policy.

The Fish-MIP Coordination Team:

Fish-MIP overall lead: Julia Blanchard (

Science communication and outreach coordinator: Andrea Bryndum-Buchholz (

Coordinators for regional models: Tyler Eddy ( and Kelly Ortega Cisneros (

Coordinators for global models: Colleen Petrik ( and Camilla Novaglio (

Earth-system model coordinators: Cheryl Harrison ( and Ryan Heneghan (

Scenarios working group coordinators: Olivier Maury (; Tyler Eddy (; Derek Tittensor (

For general inquiries please contact us on

Previous Fish-MIP leadership:
  • Derek Tittensor (lead coordinator, 2017-2020)

  • Eric Galbraith (global model coordinator, 2014-2020)

  • Heike Lotze (lead coordinator, 2014-2016)

  • William Cheung (global model coordinator, 2014-2016)

Part of a wider climate impact model community

FishMIP contributes to the Intersectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP).